Mount Zion
Deeper Life Fellowship

Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship

Our Name

Our Name Says a Lot About Us!

We have all heard that we can tell a lot about a group by its name and in
our case it is true! Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship is a congregation of
Spirit-filled believers that meet in Conway, Arkansas under the
leadership of Dale Collins, a servant of Jesus Christ. To find out more about us and

what we believe then a person should take a closer look at our name. We have
chosen each part of our name so people can understand what we are all
about. Let us now take a closer look at our name.

Mount Zion

The first part of our name is Mount Zion, and this comes from two
different things. First of all, it is simply a location thing. Many years
ago the hill where our congregation meets was nicknamed “Mount Zion”
from the Bible. Mount Zion in the Bible is a special place. The Bible
says in Psalms 125:1 “They that trust in the LORD shall be as Mount Zion,
which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.” In the Bible, Mount Zion is God’s
special place. It is His “Holy Hill”.  The true church of the living God
cannot be re-moved but will abide forever
. Trusting in the Lord is the main key!

The rest of our name is Deeper Life Fellowship.  Let’s take a closer look at
the word “Deeper”.  Deeper implies depth.


We as a group are serious about living for God according to His Word (the Bible)

and we tend to dig deeper into the Bible than a lot of contemporary churches.

While many groups use many different books to study by, we use the Bible as our study guide.

Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship is for those that desire a deeper life in Christ.


The next part of our name is “Life” so let us look at it.

Many churches today stress all different kinds of things

but we stress LIFE, A DEEPER LIFE! The true church is alive

and Abundant Life is still available only thru Jesus Christ.

Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship is for those that desire

a deeper, more abundant life in Christ.


The last part of our name that we need to take a look at is “Fellowship.”
We believe in having close fellowship with Jesus Christ, and with each other.
Daily prayer and Bible study, faith in God and holy living are stressed.
Fellowship dinners, singings, youth camps, campmeetings, retreats, and
lots of special events for all age groups promote a special bond among our
people. Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship is for those people that
want a real, close and personal fellowship with Jesus Christ and His people.
That sums up what we are, but what about who we are?  We are common
folks just like you who love our Saviour, Jesus Christ
with all our hearts. 

We want to live our lives so God can use us.  We are not satisfied with just going
to church. We are real people who serve a real God. Mount Zion is for
people who want to take Christianity to the next level. It is a place where
people can and will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus
Christ. It is a church that is preparing for a real spiritual revival


Special Invitation

As a servant of Jesus Christ serving as Bishop at Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship

I want to personally invite you to come and visit real soon. We are a growing congregation

that is earnestly seeking the truth of God’s Word. We invite you to come grow

with us thru the unique ministries found at Mount Zion Deeper Life Fellowship.

Most Sincerely, Dale Collins, a servant of Jesus Christ

Mount Zion

3095 Dave Ward Drive, Conway, Arkansas

Saturday Sabbath Service 3:00 p.m.

Tuesday Night Bible Study 7:30 p.m.



24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Prayer and Information line